Monday, August 10, 2009

Jenna is Engaged!

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary and it appears that next spring we may be “empty nesters”! 

Our daughter Jenna, was vacationing in Myrtle Beach with my sister Trisha and her family last week and one of them suggested going to a local fire department to buy a tee-shirt for her boyfriend of three years,  Jon David, who is a firefighter and paramedic in Ohio.  When they got there, they were told they did not sell tee shirts, but they were giving tours of the firehouse that day.  So, they enjoyed a tour throughout the building and at the end, they asked if the girls would like to pose for a picture with one of the firemen who was dressed in full fire gear, for their website.  Jenna and her cousin Marci jumped right in for the picture.Jenna thought she was posing with fireman for their website not knowing it was Jon David

The “tour guide” then said the firemen would remove his gear so they could see that he was just a regular guy, since many people thought the mask made firemen look scary.  As he removed his hat, he started walking towards Jenna and she thought, what in the world?  Does he think I’m going to help him take his gear off?  As she started to back up a bit, he removed his mask, got down on one knee, opened up a ring box, and said, “ Will you please marry me?”  It took her a few seconds to realize that it was Jon David, who she thought was back in Ohio before she could answer, “Yes! Yes!”

Jon David on his knees proposing to Jenna 

Jenna's Engaged! Jenna and Jon David in front of Myrtle Beach Fire Truck where he proposed

Jenna Can't Believe Marci and Aunt Trisha Were in on Secret! The Place Where Jon David Surprised Jenna with his Proposal

The Ring

When it was over with, Jon David finally got to enjoy the beach with his fiancée and I get to help plan a wedding!

Jon David Gets to Relax Now that His Proposal Has Been Accepted

The Happy Couple Beautiful Couple

It should be noted that Jon David could not have pulled this off without the help of Jenna’s cousin, Micah and later on, her Aunt Trisha and cousin Marci.  Of course, her Uncle Steve will be the pastor who will officiate the wedding next March, so as usual, it’s “all in the family”!

Cousins, Best Friends, World Travellers, and Co-Conspiritors of Jon David's

Marci, Micah and Jenna, and I think that is Caleb squashed beneath his older brother!