Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Flowers

Every time I sit down at my computer to blog about something, I sit....and I think....and I wonder....what should I blog about today?  That little voice in my head tells me that surely I have much wisdom to share....after all, there aren't very many people who has experienced life quite as fully as what I have.  Yes....but where does one start?  The life lesson that I learned at age seventeen, that if you are in a careening vehicle going down a gravel hill, that you should think to pull your arm in the window before the car hits a bank and rolls over?  Naw...I think most people know that already......Well, then, I could go way back and talk about the advantages of being the first daughter born, after having three older brothers born before me.  I am thinking...what exactly were those advantages....other than learning how to fight like a boy with my fists and winning spitting contests?  Perhaps that I learned vocabulary that had me sitting in the time out chair more than I care to remember...Surely I could fill pages of what it was like to grow up in the 60's and having the distinction of being labeled as one of the first hippies (note...word pronounced as if it was a bad word) in our small high school.  On the other hand, my parents could have written the book on how to raise a rebellious daughter, who stood up for what she believed in and snubbed her nose at what she didn't.  In fact, if I could ask my precious Dad one thing, I've always wondered why he made the statement that he would raise those three boys all over again rather than raise one Brendy through her teenage years.

So you see my dilemma when I sit down in front of my blog, trying to decide what I should write about.  Really......where does one start?  One of these days, I'll  figure that out and share those delightful stories with you.  In the meantime, I'll be safe and share some pictures of my SUMMER flowers......