Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Eight months ago, when Jenna got engaged in Myrtle Beach, it seemed like a very long time before the actual wedding would happen.  I envisioned lots of mother/daughter time being spent together as she would give me feedback on the great ideas I would come up with for the romantic fairy tale wedding/reception.  I am a lover of old lace, ruffles, candlelight, distressed, chippy white paint…you know…the stuff that oozes with romanticism?  To give you an idea of my style, let me show you a backpack that I would die for….this is made by artist, Robin, of Magnolia Pearl…..

magnolia pearl backpacks - love

Is that not the most gorgeous backpack you’ve ever seen?  Well, Jenna doesn’t agree with me.  Thus, the problem with my planning her wedding….

She did not like any of my fabulous ideas!  Can you imagine such a thing?

Me, her mother,  who has so lovingly planned her entire life, is suddenly expected to take a backseat and allow her to take the reins, and (gasp!) plan her own wedding!  In the way that she has envisioned it in her own mind?  She has chosen her wedding day theme around the Breast Cancer Ribbon, to honor a very special woman in her life…her soon to be 87 year old grandmother who is a breast cancer survivor and inspiration to all who knows her.  She had her first bout with breast cancer 25 years ago and underwent a mastectomy and not a peep from that dreaded disease until a year ago, when she underwent her second mastectomy at the age of 86.  She took one (no, that is not a typo) pain pill the first night she came home from the hospital and that was only because we encouraged her to do so.  She never complained once about pain, nor the fate of having to face two mastectomies 24 years apart.  I hope to be just like my Mama when I grow up.  But I am amazed that this child of mine chooses, not my frilly, lacy, ruffles for her wedding theme, but a breast cancer theme to honor not only her grandmother, but all women who has had to suffer from this cancer.  Is this my daughter, the one whose universe has always circled around her and her needs?  Although I am very touched, it also frightens me a little.  This is the girl, who the night before a school project was due, would come to me, pleading, “Mama, would you help me with this, you always have such wonderful ideas…..”  Now, suddenly, she doesn’t seem to need or want her Mama’s ideas.  What is this Mama to think?   Doesn’t she know that mothers’ plan weddings and daughters sit back demurely agreeing to everything we suggest, loving each and every idea that comes out of our motherly minds?  She even has the audacity to choose her own music!  No  Wedding March  for her, no sir ree!  The wedding party will come down the aisle to the beat of some song called Bubbly  (of all things!) by Colbie Collait.  And then when her Daddy walks her down the aisle, she is determined to make me cry by having the Tim McGraw song,  My Little Girl, ….now you tell me…who gets walked down the aisle to that tear jerker?  We did however, agree on one thing, and that is the fact that Jon David (her fiancĂ©e’ has two sisters who has voices like angels and they are going to sing the Shania Twain/Bryan Adams song,  From this Moment on…during the lighting of the unity candle.  The final song selection will be by Jason Mraz and Colbie Collait, called Lucky.  Don’t tell Jenna, but after the rehearsal, it all seemed fitting, somehow and “so Jenna.”  At the end of the day, this mother of the bride, has to admit, that

it Really is……

                     all about …..  the

                                                    Bride and Groom.

But, shhh!  Don’t tell Jenna that I admitted this, it’s a surprise that I want to share with her on her wedding day………