Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tea Party with My Grand Daughter

I'm not sure whether it is the freedom that comes with age, or the realization of how precious time is as we watch our grandchildren grow, but I find being a grandmother (Mimi is what my grand daughter has named me) is the role that has set my spirit free.  Some days I find myself dancing to the 60's rock and roll music with her, other days, we act out the characters in the books we read together, and last week, we dressed up and had a proper tea party.  Taylor, who is all of two years old, took the concept of dressing up for our tea party very seriously and one would have thought she had spent her life playing hostess at such events.  As pictures often tell a story better than the written word, I think you'll see what I mean as I share pictures of our special, grown up tea party.