Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm Still Here...Just Busy!

Taylor "stroller cool" at Great Grandma Thompson's recently. Can you believe she 6 months old already?
I don't want you to think I've given up on my blog, it's just that things have been a little busy around here lately. First, my hubby got sick with the flu and ended up in the hospital, then a kidney stone hit me and knocked me off my feet for a couple of weeks, (boy do I hate those things!) I've been watching my precious little granddaughter several days a week, trying to spend a couple of days up at my Mom's every couple of weeks, still trying to organize my basement, working on making fall and Christmas wreaths, picking up my paintbrush here and now, working with Jenna on her wedding plans, trying to get in some Christmas shopping when time allows.....and the list just seems to go on and on. So much for being retired, right? Life is good and I continue to be blessed by the love of family and friends. Tomorrow is hubby's birthday, and twice a year, there is a huge flea market held at the Scioto County fairgrounds, which just so happens to coincide with his birthday this year. That's where we'll be tomorrow (well I guess I should say today, since it is 2:00 a.m.) It is so huge, we never get to see everything before we poop out. We don't often do things together, so I'm looking forward to our outing. I'll let you know what kind of goodies I find and bring back with me.......until then, look for the small joys in your life and be thankful for them!