Friday, February 4, 2011


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 I believe that I've already mentioned that I am a Piddler of All Things and a Master of Nothing. You might also want to make note of the fact that I am easily distracted and tend to jump from one type of project to another. I'm not sure what sparked my interest in wanting to draw and paint, especially since I could not even draw a stick man to look like a stick man. But because I've had a lot of down time after the wedding of my daughter due to illness, I decided to pursue this media of drawing with colored pencils and then progressing to paints. I am still very much a piddler at this and don't expect to master this hobby any better than I have my hobbies of the past. But I do have to tell you, the act of being focused on transferring something I see or feel within paper ....has been far more rewarding than I would have ever guessed. That is why I am putting my "piddle work" out there for you all to see. I thought I should share what has occupied my hands and mind these past months while I have suffered from kidney stone disease. (To tell you about that would take many blog pages, so I will just say that the words frustration and pain does not give a clue to what I've been through!) Thankfully I had pencils and paper handy to pick up and play with when nothing else would hold any interest. I tell you this because I believe my "piddling" kept me from nose diving into a depression when I missed countless family gatherings and get togethers with my friends. So my message in sharing my very amateur drawings is to never be afraid to try something new. By keeping my hands and mind busy, I was not able to dwell upon my physical and mental health brought on by my illness. In closing this post, I will add one more drawing to share with you. It is of a young woman, not anyone I know or have seen, just someone who appeared upon my paper. I hope you have enjoyed a small part of me that I have chosen to share with


  1. Dear Brendy, Saw your lovely picture today on the Brave Girls site, you must be so excited to see it there. I hope you continue pursueing this, it looks like you enjoyed the process, Mary Anne

  2. Thanks Mary Anne - I didn't even know it was on The Brave Girls Site! How exciting! Thanks for checking ny blog inspires me to keep it up!